President welcome message

Welcome to the Asian Society of Digital Pathology (ASDP) – your gateway to a vibrant community reshaping the narrative of digital pathology in Asia. Our doors open to a community of innovators, where cutting-edge digital technologies meet with pathology for collaborative brilliance. Dive into a realm of knowledge-sharing, explore the latest advancements, and connect with experts shaping the future of healthcare in Asia.

Established in 2024 as a non-profit organization, ASDP is dedicated to connecting a diverse group of renowned experts of experienced pathologists, pioneering engineers, digital pathology industry collaborators and inquisitive technicians and trainees across Asia.

Our mission is to promote the widespread adoption of digital pathology and artificial intelligence (DP-AI) technologies, to standardize practices across the region, and to serve as a dynamic gateway for academic and industry partners seeking to engage with Asia's vibrant healthcare sector.

The 1st ASDP Annual Congress is the very first in-person meeting of ASDP with cutting-edge academic contents including current status and guidelines of digital pathology and AI in Asia, Joint symposium with world frontier allied digital pathology societies (DPA, ESDIP), digital pathology ethics and regulatory issues, recent advancements in pathology imaging, digital pathology educational session, and networking time with fellow digital pathology professionals, trainees, and industry. This congress is endorsed by the Korean Society of Pathologists.

We are committed to facilitating a vibrant exchange of knowledge among our member countries, fostering robust collaboration encompassing academia and industry, and driving forward the research and development that will shape the future of pathology. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in shaping a future where digital pathology transcends boundaries, enhances diagnostic precision, and ultimately, improves patient care across Asia and beyond. Together, we can forge a path towards a more connected and technologically advanced healthcare landscape. Join us on this exciting journey, where each click brings you closer to the pulse of innovation.

ASDP President
Junya Fukuoka   Nagasaki University, Japan